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Lin Silence.lam

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Hi, I am Lin Silence.
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Mar 16, 1988 (Pisces)
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About me:
I am a german young woman located in the South-West of Germany close to the famous black forest and the french and switzerlandish border. I am deepthinking or profound (name it as you wish), shy, humorous&sarcastic, open minded, creative head and owner&operator at Lilly Stardust - Photography, studied graphic-designer.
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
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elfilein5 (skype)
See Interests.
Art in general like: Photography, Music, Paintings&Painters&paint myself, (old&new)Film (->Cinema), Writing(Poetry, short stories, books, Songs), (Graphic-)Design, Fashion(new&vintage,Hollywood Glamour20's/30's). Friends. Nature and go walking. Creating. Design fashion&jewellery&furniture. (old)Books. More Music...and that also includes singing (I was asked a lot to step into bands but I'm too shy). Collecting things (Vinyls, stones&shells from all the places I've been to, dried leaves and flowers to create art, old books, coins and jewellery, hats, post stamps. Yeah, post stamps.) .Concerts/Musicals/Festivals/Opera/Theater. Have I ever mentioned Music? No? Oh...Music. Old castles/places. Travelling, foreign places. Meditation.Vegan Lifestyle. Dancing (different styles, but mostly ballet since I started with it when I was 4, danced in several known ballets, graduated & 5x state certified The Royal Academy of Dance in London.)
Favorite Music:
It would be easier to ask me which music genres I don't like/hear: Techno, Trance, House, Free Jazz, german folk music, pagan&speed metal, country. Everything that's left can be found in my music gallery.
Favorite TV Shows:
Later with Jools, Wetten Dass...? (a german show) hosted by Frank Elstner in the beginning then Thomas Gottschalk then Frank Lippert then again Thomas Gottschalk from 1994-2011 (later by german talkmaster Markus Lanz which was the last one from 2012-2014 to moderate the show until the show was adjusted in 2014). They had all the big stars international from music, film and other on the couch. Main part of the show were bets of private persons and the Stars each had a betting partner for whom they could vote yes or no. If the bet has been won and the star has not believed in it and has therefore lost, this star had to redeem his/her wager live or show it as video in the upcoming show (Depending on what was the bet). The show has been a basic part since my childhood. The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Anything documentary about or related with environment, travelling, music, art. Oh...and I admit also some music casting shows. Game of Thrones, Doctor's Diary, Outlander, Dexter, True Blood, Shopping Queen, Two and a half man (only sometimes). London Live, Rockpalast, News.
Favorite Movies:
Too many to name them all. But I have a favour for Science-Fiction, Roadmovies, Psycho(-Thriller), Comedy, Drama, Horror, Art, old B/W movies. And some old and new Disney/Pixar series/movies.
Favorite Books:
Also to many to name them all.
Favorite Quotes:
A lot. For example: "If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill // "The smile that you send, come back to you as lucky." - From India // "Music has been the only love that never left me." - Ville Valo // "All that we see or seem // Is but a dream within a dream." And: "The death then of a beautiful woman is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world" - both from Edgar Allan Poe. And many more.
Academy of Communication 2008

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